R-D-R offers complete, flexible solutions to
customers requiring remote reading and data processing for all types of utility meters

Welcome to Remote Data Reading

R-D-R offers bespoke solutions to UK commercial customers requiring remote reading of all types of utility meters and the processing of the resulting data using the latest technology. Cost effective data collection can be allied to customised data analytics to deliver efficient energy monitoring and management

R-D-R Products and Services

  • Computerised Hand Held Units for storing and processing data
  • Bluetooth Receivers for collecting data
  • Mobile Network for receiving and transmitting data
  • GPRS Receivers associated with Fixed Networks for receiving information via the internet
  • Automatic Meter Reading Modules attached to the Meter for sending information wirelessly to Bluetooth Receivers, Mobile Networks or GPRS Receivers
  • Bespoke software packages to¬† fully address the display and analytical requirements of customers

Equipment offers the latest technology, with b-directional capability incorporated into receivers, handheld and display devices.

R-D-R Case Studies

Whilst R-D-R has only has been established in the UK recently, its principals and business partners have, under different commercial vehicles, established a track-record of successful project implementations in continental Europe. Details of specific projects are available on request.