R-D-R offers complete, flexible solutions to
customers requiring remote reading and data processing for all types of utility meters

Bluetooth Receiver

This family of EN137757-4 mode T1 Bluetooth radio receivers offers the safety and flexibility to control and manage your installation of AMR water, gas and electricity meters without requiring access to the site.

This device offers the capability to collect data frames from more than 1,500 radios at the same time.  The data collected, such as alarms, meter counts and other functionality, is transferred to a compatible Bluetooth device, including suitable products from our range. LED lights provid information about the status of the device eg loading energy, Bluetooth transfer to a Bluetooth handheld device, receiving data frames from the radio module and error frames. 

The robust design ensures that the unit will operate in all weather conditions.

The unit is equipped with an internal battery. One charge per day of less than 4 hours offers up to 2 days of full use.


  • Bluetooth 2.0 class 2 interface
  • 868Mhz or, on request, 434Mhz
  • USB driver and user software included
  • AES128 deciphering
  • Free software library available

IP protection

   Power supply
  • Conforms to IP64
  • Integrated lithium ion battery with approximately 20 hours of operation



Other features

  • Fully compatible with EN13757-4 mode
  • Dimensions  159x77x33 mm
  • Internal ceramic aerial
  • 75cm USB cable with  type A  USB connector
  • Tough design with rubber protection to enclosure