R-D-R offers complete, flexible solutions to
customers requiring remote reading and data processing for all types of utility meters

Web Hosting

Our web hosting solutions provide the opportunity to you and, potentially your final customer or subscriber, to see and analyse individual consumption patterns via a simple and easily-accessible system.

It is not necessary to install any software on your computer.

The data can be accessed through a standard interner connection at any time or location and by any authorised user.

The system is user-friendly and elements can be customised.  It also offers the capability to view the data in differing formats and to download the data into your chosen applications.


  Volume of data
  • Various servers in Europe
  • At least 2 years of data is stored, depending on reading intervals and volume of meters

Data security

  Data transfer
  • Our servers use the latest security and data encryption features
  • Access is controlled by log on and password identification
  • Data is identified by meter number is, therefore, not personalised so there are no data protection issues
  • Data back-up options are available
  Methods of data transfer are via:
  • SIM enabled GPRS unit
  • PDA upload
  • Data collection is remote
  • Data transfer is fully flexible and can be loaded at the frequency and timing specified by the customer
  • The data come directly on your main office, to check the alarm, the index and more to upgrate your billing software tools

Multi utility

  Multi access
  • Web hosting embraces all utilities - electricity, gas and water
  • Data access is web-based so there is no limit to the number of users who can view the data online
  • As an option, access can be arranged for your customer to view their individual data

Presentation and design flexibility

  • Data is delivered in a spreadsheet form for end-user manipulation
  • Useage can be presented in various formats, data arrays or graphical and displayed by volume or value
  • ‘Home’ pages can be customised