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customers requiring remote reading and data processing for all types of utility meters

GPRS 3 Play Receiver

This family of EN13757-4 mode T1 GPRS radio receivers offer data logging and GPRS modem capabilities.  The device provides a simple safety and flexible means to control and manage your installation of AMR water, gas and electricity meters without requiring access to the site.

There is also a USB interface which allows the device to be configured. The unit can be programmed to read radio signals at certain intervals (eg once per hour). At the programmed interval, the unit switches on the internal T1 receiver and stores all received radio transmissions, including all the alarms about reverse flow, leakage, blocked meters etc., to the internal data logger memory.

Alternatively, the device can be programmed to utilise a GPRS connection to access the internet and upload the data to a FTP server at user specified intervals..

An internal battery makes the unit fully autonomous and can be positioned for best reception from all your AMR units, water, gas,  electricity , energy etc..  With memory of 40 000 data items, they are capable of storing data continually, even if the mobile transmission is not available.

Various software packages are available to manipulate and display data. Full optimisation of the flexibility over data collection and transmission can exploited by linking the unit to our web hosting software and services.


  • GPRS quad band modem with internal aerial
  • USB 1.1 configuration interface
  • 868Mhz or, on request, 434Mhz
  • USB driver and configuration and data reading software included (multi-lingual)
  • Free software library for interpretation of uploaded FTP files available

IP protection

   Power supply
  • Conforms to IP67, enclosure with pressure compensating element
  • Replaceable lithium module offering 0.5 to 10 years depending on data collection and transmission intervals

Memory storage

  • Internal non-volatile flash memory with capacity for 40,000 radio data items
  • Fully compatible with EN13757-4 mode

Other features

  • Dimensions  195x130x70 mm
  • Internal ceramic aerial (external antennae optional)