R-D-R offers complete, flexible solutions to
customers requiring remote reading and data processing for all types of utility meters

Hand Held PDA

This hand held PDA computer provides the ability to remotely read meters fitted with radio transmitters. Alternatively, the device can be used for data storage where meters are read manually and the reading is input.

The device is extremely simple to used.  It operates with just a USB connection and the installed software provides an ‘activsynch’ facility to automatically load and download data.

The software can be configured for automatic or manually meter reading and for specific databases.

The capability to use a memory stick offers greater flexibility over the storage, transfer and backup of data.

It is compatible with a wide range of technologies including GPRS.


  • Full USB interface 1.1
  • AES128 Deciphering

IP protection

  • Conforms to IP43
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or specific databases
  • M-BUS T1
  • GPS and GPRS localisation via satellite

Other features

  • Tough design with rubber protection to enclosure
  • Support for ‘drive by’ reading from vehicle